Dear friends and colleagues,

As you know, networking is a key aspect of MWC. For MWC16, the networking app works only on Mobile (web is long gone!) and this year you need to have iOS or Android v.5 or later to work.

Networking from the mobile screen without the existence of a keyboard is hard for us. So what can we do? Follow these simple steps, and have the myMWC Mobile App on your laptop for networking. Spread it to your team and start networking the right way so that you are prepared for Barcelona.


Follow these steps:

  • To make things work on a PC/Laptop, all you need is an Android emulator such as Genymotion. If you install Genymotion (, please make sure you abide to their rules and procedures about commercial use.
  • After Genymotion is installed, create an Android device with Android 5. I used Nexus 5 5.0.0 API 21 for my example.
  • Download this file:
  • Once the Android Nexus device emulator is up, drag and drop it on the screen. Follow the instructions and once installed, RESTART by closing (top right X button) the application. You need to RESTART.
  • After the restart, drag and drop this file: This is specific for Android 5. Follow the instructions again, and RESTART. Again you need to restart.
  • ·Once the Android emulator is up again, you might be faced with a number of errors. Just click them away, login to your Google Account (avoid checking the backup checkbox), UPDATE all applications available and RESTART.
  • Now your device should be up and running. Search for “my MWC” on Google Play. If you can download the application then this is fine.
  • If not, download the application from here, and drag-and-drop it to the Android emulator window. It will install and work as expected. This application is the official my MWC app and was downloaded from the Google Play on Monday, 8/2/2016.


Hope this helps networking. Do not forget, 5GHz WiFi only this year in MWC. Make sure your mobile application and or laptop are compatible, or else….